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Investment Strategy

Anwen Capital specializes in Asian markets, with an emphasis in private equity. Our team is multicultural and multilingual, with extensive business experience globally. Thus, we are strategically positioned to offer cutting edge investments and corporate management.

Private Equity & Asset Management

Through direct investment in a diversified portfolio of both listed and unlisted enterprises around the world, from gold, iron ore, and copper mining and green energy technology to real estate and retail, Anwen Capital has the connections and deep network to custom tailor any client’s portfolio.

Eastward Visionaries

Growth rates in East Asia and greater China will continue to soar, and Anwen is prepared to support clients in capitalizing on that market. We assist companies and investors in growing their international transactions.

Investment Processes

Our portfolios tend to be long-term oriented, are actively managed by a team of seasoned professionals, and are fully invested and well diversified. Anwen Capital strategizes to be a top-down, bottom-up oriented global investment and equities manager. Our primary expertise is in seeking out undervalued stocks that appreciate in response to major forces in the global market. We have a keen eye on startups throughout the world and maintain a moving stream of capital prepared to acquire or merge businesses for our clients.

Top Notch Professionalism & Industry Experience

Successful international investment hinges on experience, network, and resources, all of which Anwen Capital possesses. With decades of global business experience, we have the in-depth understanding and knowledge of all major international markets and industries. Our consultants come from an array of backgrounds, in green technology, mining, real estate, commercial, industrial, and residential, and from government agencies. Thus we have the network to give our clients tangible and profitable results.